We help you realize the best possible valuation, price and terms when selling your business.

Osprey Capital works on behalf of business owners looking to sell their company or business unit. Such companies can include privately owned businesses, portfolio companies of investor groups, divisions of large companies, and public companies.

Prior to entering a formal engagement, we work with ownership to understand the objectives they intend to achieve through the sale of their business. Following these discussions and a detailed analysis of the business and its sector, we provide the shareholders with recent deal valuations, market appetite for the business, and a sense of valuation that they may expect to realize through the sale of their business.

Osprey Capital maintains an ongoing dialogue with over 1,200 sources of capital and active buyers of companies. Familiarity with these groups enables us to efficiently determine the right buyer pool for a given business at the outset of the process. Our understanding of each buyer’s preference to industry, size, and geography allows us to expedite the marketing stage. Our process differentiates us from our competitors.


We are actively involved in every step of the sale process, from detailed up-front preparation and transaction management, through to negotiations and closing. Our professionally managed process is proven to minimize disruption to business operations thereby ensuring management can focus on regular business activities.

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