We help you competitively secure the debt and equity you need to capitalize your business.

Osprey Capital has extensive experience in assisting companies in need of capital. Based on the objectives defined by its ownership/management, we work to tailor each financing based on a well-thought-out understanding of the company, its sector and its stage in its growth cycle. We assess each company and its ability to grow revenues, produce positive cash flow, and increase profitability.

Many companies will benefit from a capital injection that enables it to fund transformational events that will propel the company to a greater level of operational and financial performance. Financing solutions may be comprised of equity capital and or debt capital in its various forms.


Where appropriate, Osprey Capital will seek to raise capital through the sale of equity into a company. Our equity network includes high-net worth individuals, family offices, venture capital firms, private equity, financial institutions and strategic investors where suitable. The most appropriate investors are determined based on the company, its stage, and the amount of capital required.

Our goal is to provide the required capital at an optimal valuation and with terms favorable to the company.


Osprey Capital holds extensive relationships with numerous and varied lending institutions. We work with the company to assess its needs, which will determine the most suitable form of debt: senior debt, subordinated debt, mezzanine debt and convertible debt.

Our process is designed to secure the best debt package at the least encumbering cost to the company – whether it is new debt or a restructuring of existing debt.


Each process is tailored to your business’s situation and unique requirements.

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