March 2023 – Osprey Capital Partners Inc. is pleased to announce it has secured a new financing arrangement for Ciscom Corp from HSBC to assist in it’s second acquisition. This new banking solution includes both a new operating facility as well as a cash flow term loan. Osprey Capital acted as the exclusive advisor during Ciscom’s financing process. Terms remain confidential.

The Client

Ciscom is a company active in rolling up businesses in the Information and Communication Technology industry.

The company is focused on technology driven marketing/advertising, document processing and content management companies.

Ciscom is a long-term investor. It buys and holds, and works with management teams to grow its portfolio companies.

The Objective

Osprey Capital was approached by Ciscom to explore the financing options for its second acquisition. Osprey Capital undertook a confidential process to identify a variety of lending options and sources for Ciscom. Once the need had been identified, Osprey Capital reached out to its expansive network of lenders that could add value to the transaction.

The Result

Given economic conditions, lending options for cash flow deals are difficult and limited. With Ciscom’s strong performance, a number of options were available to them. In the end, the solution offered by HSBC was selected as it presented the most innovative approach to lending.

Drew Reid, Executive Chairman and CEO of Ciscom said: “Robert delivered again. Our first deal was during the pandemic and now in the middle of an economic downturn. Robert and Osprey Capital’s expertise made the process much easier in the difficult economic environment created by the pandemic.”

Michel Pepin, President and CFO of Ciscom said: “Robert doesn’t take no for an answer. Our demands were tall and wanted this second financing on Ciscom’s terms. Robert’s reputation and his ability to position the company won the day. HSBC is a great partner to Ciscom and we are looking for mutual beneficial growth opportunities in the near future.”

Robert Brown, a Partner at Osprey Capital, said HSBC provided the most innovative solution for Ciscom. “Our team continued to work closely together to find a new lending solution once the existing lender did not deliver. We found a partner that was innovative and responsive and understood our tight timeline to close.”