Osprey Capital Attends Successful Globalscope Conference In Milan Italy


12 Apr 2017 | Globalscope Partners Ltd., an international M&A network, is pleased to share the news of the successful expansion of its international partner base to 53 members in 43 countries.

At the 21st semi-annual conference, hosted by Benedetti & Associates and Palladio Corporate Finance, more than 85 delegates met in Milan to discuss deal opportunities, hear from local industry and M&A experts, meet local investors and develop the network.  The programme opened with an M&A cocktail party at Palazzo Visconti where Globalscope members met with Milan’s top Private Equity representatives, and heard from Erik F. Nielsen, Global Chief Economist at Unicredit.  The 2½ day conference programme incorporated best practice presentations on marketing, integration and collaboration within the network, and working with PE firms.  In addition, the Globalscope group also undertook briefings on the Italian economy, and M&A in Italy from law firm CBA Studio Legale e Tributario.  The whole event was set in historic surroundings, the gala dinner being held at Palazzo Cusani, which was preceded by a tour of Terrazza Duomo 21, the halls of which include Mussolini’s private office in Milan.  Globalscope sector experts met with their teams and updated the network on the current trends and completed transactions, whilst all participants utilized the one-to-one deal meetings with Globalscope peers on behalf of their clients.

Giuseppe Benedetti, Founder of Benedetti & Associates, stated: “One of the themes of this Globalscope conference was how to increase our activity with private equity firms. We met the Milan private equity community and received valuable insight on the new, future needs of investment funds.”

Lorenzo Valentino, CEO of Palladio Corporate Finance, stated: “We were pleased to host top executives from Italian companies from the fashion, automotive and furniture sectors, as well as share the inbound and outbound M&A opportunities in Italy.”

The following two observer firms attended the conference and were voted in and welcomed as new members:

  • First Southeast Investment Partners, from Romania
  • IFBC, from Switzerland

Sotiris Chatzidakis, Executive Vice President of First Southeast Investment Partners, said, “Joining Globalscope has been a strategic target for First Southeast Capital Partners, as it is a strong network of solid M&A Advisors across the globe which can provide amazing opportunities of learning and doing business. We are looking forward to knowing more our fellow Members both in business and in excellent meetings such as the one in Milan.”

Dr Thomas Vettiger, Managing Partner of IFBC, stated, “We are very proud to join Globalscope, one of the leading and fastest growing M&A networks worldwide. The focus on cross-border M&A, the professional attitude of the member companies and the outstanding reputation of the network were key reasons for selecting Globalscope. The cooperation with other members will allow us to strengthen our M&A services and will enable us to present handpicked international deal opportunities to our clients. We are looking forward to successful collaborations with our worldwide colleagues.”

Russell D’Alba, Globalscope President, stated, “I was honoured to preside over the most well-attended Globalscope conference to date, as the network yet again hit key priorities: developing deeper member collaboration, sharing more techniques learned through best practices and generating the means to increase the volume of partnership deals, thereby providing more tangible benefits for our member firms.”

For transaction performance in the last six months, Globalscope awarded the following member firms:

  • MOST ACTIVE MEMBER:  CatCap – 10 deals
  • LARGEST DEAL:  CatCap – for the A&O Hotels and Hostels, Germany, M&A transaction with TPG Real Estate, based in United States.
  • GLOBALSCOPE FLAGSHIP DEAL: (involving Globalscope members on both sides of the transaction):  Kaede Financial Advisory & CatCap.

The next Globalscope conference will be held in Perth, Australia in October 2017.