Horst Hollins Acquisition By TTG

Osprey Capital Partners Inc. is pleased to announce that it has assisted the Tle’Nax T’awei Group (TTG) with the acquisition of Horst Precision Machine Ltd. (Horst) and Hollins Industries International Inc. (Hollins). Horst, established in 1989, is a leading provider of precision machining and custom manufacturing & fabrication services. These services are further supported by its breakdown repair services. In 2010, Horst acquired Hollins, a steel fabrication and engineering design service company located in 100 Mile House, BC.

The Client:
Based in the Yukon Territory, the Tle’ Nax T’awei Group’s consistent approach towards business has been to focus on pursuing and acquiring stable, proven businesses with experienced and successful management teams in place. A key component of TTG’s acquisition model is the use of performance-based compensation plans designed to motivate and encourage aggressive future growth from its work force and partners. TTG is involved in many different sectors of the business world, and have associations with several recognized major global suppliers.div>

The Ask:
As part of its ongoing expansion and development of its portfolio of companies, TTG engaged Osprey Capital to search for new opportunities, investments, or businesses that enabled TTG to enhance its success and profitability while serving to meet their detailed deal criteria. Osprey Capital identified and contacted over 40 companies based in Western Canada.div>

The Result:
Through its defined process, Osprey Capital identified Horst / Hollins as an excellent fit with TTG’s acquisition strategy. Osprey assisted TTG with the negotiations to acquire Horst / Hollins, and to close in a timely manner.Richard Sidney, President and Director of TTI, affirms that “The Board of Directors and I are pleased by this new acquisition and sincerely welcome the entire Horst / Hollins team to the Tle’ Nax T’awei Group. We are proud to expand our business into this industrial sector and look forward to serving the current and future valued customers in the Kamloops and 100 Mile House areas.”