Robert Stroud, owner of Eclipse, said the new financing arrangement will enable the company to further expand its U.S. market share. “The process conducted by Osprey Capital provided us with options which ultimately allowed us to choose the right lending partner and debt package tailored to our requirements,” he said.

Robert Stroud - Owner

Alan Greenspan, President of Confederation Freezers, commented; “This is an exciting transaction for our family and a new chapter in our history. We are enormously proud of what we have accomplished over the last 47 years and are confident that, in partnering with Premium Brands, the legacy of Confederation Freezers will be honoured and maintained. We strongly believe that Premium Brands is the right partner, at the right time, to foster these ideals as we move to the next stage of our business.”

Alan Greenspan - President

Allan Francis, vice-president of corporate affairs and administration at Dynamic Technologies, says the process conducted by Osprey Capital was professional from start to finish. “We wanted to find the ideal buyer for Parr in the most efficient way possible and Osprey Capital enabled us to do just that,” he says.

Allan Francis - Dynamic Technologies

“In 2016, after several years of restructuring and operational improvements to our business, my partner and I decided that would like to put our business up for sale. By this time we had already spoken with other M & A firms and were approached by Osprey just at the right time. The gentleman at Osprey said all the right things and delivered on their promises. Osprey was successful in selling a portion of our business in 2017 and we were very pleased with the outcome.”

Nigel Burbidge - President

"Osprey Capital played a key role in sourcing the opportunity and guided us through negotiations. They ensured that the structure of the acquisition enabled us to maintain the core values of the vendors, employees and to position us for growth and expansion for the future of all businesses under the ownership.”

Michael Easton - President

“The team at Osprey Capital delivered on our ask to source opportunities that would allow us to expand the service and operations of Place-Crete.”

Troy Pearce - Chief Operating Officer

“I knew that Osprey shared the same entrepreneurially spirit that I have, and the team from Osprey would be hungrier to get a deal done than some of the large institutional M&A players that I interviewed. I have always lived and thrived in a sales environment where success is highly dependent on effort and skill. That’s what I thought I was getting – and my instincts were bang on. The Osprey team proved to be easy to work with and produced an excellent outcome for the shareholders.”

Steve Voisin - President

"Osprey Capital’s professional process allowed us to secure a transaction with the ideal partner in Canem that ensures the long-term future of our people and our company. It immediately positioned McCaine to leverage the operational and field experience of Canem."

John Schubert - President

“Osprey were true professionals from start to finish. They took us through a systematic process, backed with a wealth of experience, to help find the best possible partner. This process was about making the company stronger and poised for growth; Osprey helped us achieve exactly that.”

Mr. Cholette - Owner